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News from the Gator Gang

Back by popular demand!
You are invited to attend the sixth in a series of workshops hosted by Alligator Allergy & Asthma, in which we will explore approaches to healing other than those offered by contemporary western medicine.

Complementary Medicine Workshop #7
: Healing with Music; Food as Medicine; Holy Spirit Healing

April1, 2023
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Alligator Allergy & Asthma 
4194 Royal Pine Drive 
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Northeast entrance, upstairs clinic lobby

Workshop Information

  • Singer-Songwriter Sandi Padilla pays the ancient hammer dulcimer tuned to 444 Hz, a 'creative healing frequency;' and has seen healing of a variety of disorders, including traumatic brain injury.

  • Mr. McGrath continues the discussion of whole foods which have healing effects on the body - and some potentially harmful chemicals increasingly found in modern-day foods to avoid. 

  • A team of ministry-based healers, experienced in the healing of a variety of disorders affecting the mind and/or body, explain how 'Holy Spirit' healing works, and offer prayer for the group as a whole. They offer individual prayer for attendees upon request. 

There is no charge to attend.  All are welcome.  

If you are planning to attend, please take a moment to register [for space planning purposes**].

**Your response is private. Names of attendees are used for space planning only and will not be shared outside of the clinic.  If you are a current, former, or future patient of Alligator Allergy & Asthma, whether or not you attend this event will not affect your usual medical care at the clinic.

Upcoming Complementary Medicine Workshops

Subject: TBD
April 1, 2023, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Subject: TBD

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