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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AAA's response to the Novel Coronavirus?

We at Alligator Allergy and Asthma understand the stress caused by the global crisis and have responded accordingly. Please view the page linked below for the measures we are taking, information about appointments, and general virus information.  

Click Here for Novel Coronavirus

What insurances do you accept?

For your convenience we've listed the insurances we are listed as In-Network (Participating) with and Out-of-Network (Not-Participating) with. 

Click Here for Insurances

Do you offer skin testing?

Yes! Unless decided against or not applicable, we perform skin testing on all New Patients. 

Click Here for Skin Testing

I have my vials from another Allergist, can you give me the injection?

Dr. McGrath must approve the administration of all outside Allergen Immunotherapy Injections (AIT). In order to get approval, we will need the 'recipe' for the allergens within the vial, as well as your shot schedule to make sure you're on schedule. 

**There is a fee associated with administration of outside AIT injections.**

I think I'm allergic to _________! Can you test me?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

As long as you can bring us the product/animal/item/etc we can usually create and extract and test you! We have tested our patients to a variety of interesting possible allergens - from beers to alpacas!

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