What Can You Use to Treat Your Allergies or Asthma ?

There are numerous steps you can take to help control or treat your allergies and your asthma.

Avoiding what you are allergic to can majorly reduce your symptoms

If completely avoiding your allergen is not possible, taking antihistamines; Cetrizine / Zyrtec®, Fexofenidine / Allergra®, Loratadine / Claritin®; may effectively reduce your symptoms 

Using a nasal spray or a sinus rinse may also be effective in decreasing your allergy symptoms​

To learn how to use your sinus rinse, click here

Using an inhaler can help to lessen your asthmatic episodes

To learn how to use your inhaler, click here

You may also be prescribed a Nebulizer® to help with your asthma

To learn how to use your Nebulizer​®, click here

Allergy shots are another possibility that can treat you for what you are allergic to!

Allergy drops are one other option to treat you for your allergies

We offer allergy tablets as another choice to treat your allergies

We can also desensitize you to a drug you are allergic to!

There is also the option to do oral challenge to foods, drugs, and aspirin. If you have a senstitization to aspirin, we can desensitize you to this drug.

*Credit for videos goes to National Jewish Health. (National Jewish Health. National Jewish Health, www.nationaljewish.org/health-insights/multimedia. Accessed 02 December 2016.)


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