Payment and Financial Policy

Payment is due in full on the day service is rendered

Cash, check preferred; Visa, MasterCard accepted


  • Your copay is required at the time of service.

  • You authorize your insurance to pay Alligator Allergy directly for services rendered.

  • Payment is due in full 30 days after your insurer processes your claim. You will receive a statement for your balance due.

  • It is your responsibility to know your co-payment, co-insurance, and deductible balance, as well as any policy limits on allergy testing and treatment. You are responsible for charges beyond what your policy’s limits set for these services.



  • Payment is due in full on the day service is rendered.

  • Payment arrangements must be discussed with our billing personnel before service is rendered if you cannot pay in full on the day of service.

  • ‘Prompt Pay’ fee schedule is available upon request.



  • We do not participate in these programs.



  • Payment plans can be discussed for balances due with our billing personnel.

  • Unpaid balances after 90 days will automatically be referred to a collection agency without notification. You will be responsible for any collection costs incurred. 

  • If your account is in collection status, the balance must be paid in full prior to further services being rendered.


Returned check fee $30.00 in addition to existing balance due