Payment and Financial Policy

Payment is due in full on the day service is rendered

Cash, check preferred; Visa, MasterCard accepted


  • Your copay, co-insurance and deductible will be collected at the time of service. Please keep in mind that insurance companies require us to collect these at the time of service.  They can sue us if we do not.

  • If you would like to defer payment in full until after your insurer pays their portion, we can bill your insurance as a courtesy.   

  • While we do our best to determine the amount due at the time of the visit, it is ultimately your responsibility to know your co-payment, co-insurance, and your deductible balance.

  • We can sometimes bill your insurer on your behalf for services rendered.  You are responsible for providing the office with complete and accurate information regarding the insurance plan. If your insurance changes, please contact our office immediately.

  • Authorization from your insurance company to perform a service does not guarantee payment.  It means that the insurance company finds the service medically necessary.  Their payment is based on your agreed-upon policy with them.  If your policy does not cover a specific service, it will be denied even with prior authorization.



  • If you are paying for services out-of-pocket on the day of service; i.e.,  without an insurer involved, then you can take advantage of our substantial ‘prompt pay’ discount.  The prices are published on our website or are available in the office upon request.  

  • If you cannot pay in full on the day of service, then we will accept a credit card to be kept securely on file and apply charges at about  30 days if payment is not received in the interim.



  • We do not participate in these programs.



  • Balances due after 30 days will incur an additional 3% interest compounded monthly.

  • If the balance remains unpaid after 90 days, your account may be referred to a collection agency. You will be responsible for collection costs which are incurred. If your account is in a ‘collection’ status the balance must be paid in full prior to any further services.


Returned check fee $30.00